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Manage Change


Garner Peace helps you to...

  • Understand how people respond to change
  • Manage and support others throughout the change process
  • Create and implement a strategic plan
  • Create statements of mission, vision, and values


resolve Conflict


Garner Peace helps you to...

  • Resolve internal conflicts
  • Create an effective conflict management system
  • Strengthen your organization's capacity to embrace cultural diversity and inclusion (especially in terms of race, gender, gender-identity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and age).
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Develop your board


Garner Peace helps you to...

  • Become a more effective organizational leader
  • Develop your Board of Directors
  • Assess your organization's policies and practices for alignment with its values and guiding principles
  • Assess your governance structure and systems for maximum effectiveness
  • Create and review your organization's bylaws and other governing documents

Other Services

Garner Peace offers leadership coaching, conflict resolution, and mediation services for individuals, communities, and organizations.

We are also available for:

  • Public speaking on racial and ethnic justice, LGBTQI rights and inclusion, organizational integrity, and leading change;
  • Preaching on compassion, justice, and liberation;
  • Officiating for Communion, Baptism, and Ordinations
  • Presiding at Weddings and Funerals (Christian, non-Christian, and secular); and
  • Short- or Long-Term Special Projects, as needed by understaffed and/or overloaded organizations.

Garner Peace cares about you!

Our primary desire is that you -- our client -- will experience peace in your life and workplace. The peace we seek with and for you is grounded in self-understanding and mutuality. It is a peace that can empower you to achieve your desired outcome.

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Next Steps...

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