Manage Change

Few people welcome change; some resist it and most are overwhelmed by it. Even so, it is possible to successfully manage your organization's change from beginning to end while leading others through the change, too.

Garner Peace can help you, your board, staff, and volunteers to understand the stages of change while preparing themselves to embrace and even support the change effort.

Embrace conflict

Conflict happens in all kinds of relationships -- personal, organizational, business, or community. It happens in mono-cultural and multi-cultural spaces. Yet the presence of conflict does not have to lead to breakdown or despair. Conflict can lead you to real breakthroughs.

Garner Peace can mediate existing conflict as well as design internal systems that will empower you to allow cultural, ideological, and interpersonal differences to be recognized, honored, and addressed before conflict even erupts.

develop the board

Good leadership and governance are not easy! Yet these things are vital to your organization's effectiveness. Good board members and the organization's governing documents are your organization's most valuable assets, when accessed appropriately.

Garner Peace can help you enhance the effectiveness of your organization's leadership.

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