Manage Change

Few people welcome change. Some resist it and most are overwhelmed by it. Even so, by following The Change Cycle model, you can manage change successfully from beginning to end and lead others through it, too.

Embrace conflict

Conflict happens in all kinds of relationships -- personal, organizational, business, or community. It happens in mono-cultural and multi-cultural spaces. Yet the presence of conflict does not have to lead to breakdown or despair. Conflict can lead you to real breakthroughs. Before conflict even erupts, create internal systems that allow cultural, ideological, and inter-personal differences to be recognized, honored, and addressed.

lead with integrity

Walk your talk. There is no way around it. Integrity is as vital to personal success as it is to organizational achievement. When you have integrity, your or organization's principles and values are consistent with its policies and practices. When there is no integrity, your or organization's moral compass is unstable, easily leading toward dishonesty and being unworthy of trust.

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